At team meetings, both riding and non-riding members come together to discuss upcoming events going on with the team, or further their horse knowledge by listening to guest lecturers! Attendance is very much encouraged!

~ Fall 2018 ~

August 18th from 1-5pm:  B-Involved Fair (Hobby/Interest Section)

August 28th at 7pm in WTHR 104Call-out Meeting

August 29th at 5:30pm: Ag Ice Cream Social

August 29th at 7pm in LWSN B155First Team Meeting

September 10th and 11th: Team Try Outs

September 16th at 11am: New Member Orientation

September 18th at 7pm in HORT 117: Team Meeting

September 20th from 5-10pm: AJ’s Skip-a-Meal

September 25th at 7pm in LWSN B134: Open Exec Board Meeting

October 2nd at 7pm in HORT 117Team Meeting

October 14th from 4-8pm: State Street Chipotle Fundraiser

October 26th at 6:30pm: Halloween Party

October 27th at 4pm (time tentative): Team Photos