Important Dates

At team meetings, both riding and non-riding members come together to discuss upcoming events going on with the team, or further their horse knowledge by listening to guest lecturers! Attendance is very much encouraged!

Spring 2020

January 21st in LWSN B155:  Call-out Meeting

January 22nd in HORT 117: First Team Meeting

January 23rd @ 6 PM (meet at Class of 1950 tree): Tryouts

January 27th (subject to change): Lessons start

February 8th at Panda Express: Skip-a-meal Fundraiser

February 9th: Basketball concessions

February 11th in LWSN B155: Team meeting

February 22nd: Basketball concessions

February 11th- March 3rd: Custom Ink fundraiser

March 3rd in LWSN B155: Team meeting

March 7th: Basketball concessions

March 29th at Panda Express: Skip-a-meal fundraiser

April 7th in LWSN B155: Team meeting

April 18th: Springfest

April 21st in LWSN B155: Last team meeting

Work session dates:

Sunday, January 26th from 11-1

Friday, February 14th from 1-3

Friday, February 28th from 1-3

Sunday, March 8th  from 11-1

Sunday, April 26th from 11-1